Sunday, April 20, 2008

What can onions do for you?

For trouble with sleeping a raw onion eaten before retiring has been found to have beneficial properties.
This belief goes back several centuries.

Onion syrup is supposed to be the best treatment for severe colds. Peel and slice an onion, sift sugar over it and let it stand in a warm place until the sugar draws the juice out. Take a teaspoon as needed.

Bathe burns in onion juice. The juice is suppose to take away the heat of scalding with water or oil.

Keeping mint handy and mints healing properties

To keep young leaves on spearmint all summer long cut down some advanced stalks every month.
New shoots will spring forth.

It's has been long held that mint was an herb that was useful for all disorders of the stomach from
loss of appetite, and pain, to vomiting.

Use for Hyssop

Hyssop has long been noted for its healing of fresh wounds or cuts by having it's leaves bruised and applied
to th wound. A little sugar maybe added to this poultice. I've never tried this but it sounds very interesting.