Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beauty products and tips


1.When your favorite bath powder gets low, add cornstarch to the box and mix it up. The cornstarch takes on the scent of the powder and is soft, silky, and economical.
2.Use Witch Hazel in place of your regular toner. It doesn’t dry out the skin like an alcohol based toner does, and it’s inexpensive.
3.Not only does drinking milk help provide calcium and help your body burn fat and calories, but it is also a natural moisturizer. Adding it to a bath can help keep dry skin smooth and soft. Pour about ½ cup regular milk or powdered milk into a bubble bath. Whole milk works better in a bath as it contains more moisturizing fat, but don’t rely on whole milk for your drinking. Less fat is more heart friendly.
4.Kiwi and other fruits rich in vitamin C help produce collagen, the protein that keeps skin elastic.
5.A soothing treatment for your skin: Steep ½ cup unflavored green tea leaves with 2 cups spring water. Strain the leaves, and refrigerate the tea in a spray bottle. Use it as a mouthwash, an antiseptic for minor cuts, or a treatment for blemishes.
6. Apply saltwater to a blemish overnight to help it clear up quickly.
Add peanut oil or olive oil to melted beeswax and apply it to calluses and other rough, dry areas to smooth cracked skin.
7. Mix olive oil with sugar and an aromatic spice, such as cinnamon, for a soothing hand-and-foot scrub. For dry, brittle hair, add a small amount of oil to your shampoo in the palm of your hand to create a moisturizing lather

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