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Natural Bath Recipes

Natural Bath Recipes
Bubble Bath, Bath Oil, and Bath Salts Recipes

Easy Sea Salt Bath
Combine 1 tablespoon of your favorite shower gel and 1 tablespoon natural coarse sea salt. Rub over your entire body, but not your face! Then wash it off in a warm bath or shower. Or you can add the mixture to a warm bath.
izzing Bath Oil Balls
1/4 c. baking soda 2 tbsp. citric acid or absorbic acid (powdered vit. C)1 tbsp. Borax powder (for softening)2 tbsp. powdered sugar (for binding)2 tbsp. sweet almond oil1 tsp. Vitamin E oil (preservative)1/4 tsp. fragrance or essential oil
Combine dry ingredients in a bowl and stir until well blended. Drizzle in almond oil and stir until mixture is moistened. Add Vit. E oil and fragrance and stir until well mixed. Take teaspoon size globs of mixture and form into ball shapes with fingers. (mixture will be VERY crumbly and fragile , so do the best you can. Add a little bit more of the vit. E. oil if necessary.) Place the balls on a sheet of wax paper and leave alone for 2-3 hours. After 2-3 hrs, reshape balls. Let the balls air-dry and harden for 10 days. Store balls in a closed container to protect from moisture. To use, plop a ball into your bathtub in warm water!

Fizzy Bath Crystals
8 oz. cornstarch8 oz. citric acid16 oz. baking soda1 tsp. fragrance oil
Mix cornstarch and citric acid together thoroughly. Add fragrance oil as desired. Blend in baking soda. Package and label. Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup per bath. Enjoy!

Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath
1 cup oil1/2 cup honey 1/2 cup liquid soap 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
Mix together all the ingredients and pour into a clean bottle with a tight fitting stopper or lid. To use, shake before using. Pour 1/4 cup into the bath under running water. Yields 16 ounces - enough for 8 baths.
Fruity Bath Salts
3 qt. Epsom salt3 envelopes unflavored Kool-Aid *(without sugar, any flavor of choice)
* If layering the bath salts, use three different flavors/colors of drink mix, and mix 1 envelope of Kool-Aid to 1 quart Epsom salt in each of three bowls. Alternate colored layers in a nice container.
Otherwise use the same flavor Kool-Aid and mix into the Epsom salt. Pour into a nice container. Either seal with a cork or pour a layer of warm (not hot) paraffin on top of each. Add a raffia bow for a nice gift.

Hawaiian Bath Oil
1/8 cup canola oil 1/8 cup apricot oil 10 drops mango oil 10 drops coconut oil 10 drops gardenia oil
Mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Bottle until ready for use. To use: Add to warm running water as you fill your bath tub.

Herbal Bath Packets
Herbs have natural healing properties. When added to baths, they can soothe and relax and leave you feeling refreshed. This simple recipe will teach you how to prepare these beautiful packets for use in steeping your bath. These make wonderful, thoughtful gifts any time of year!
Muslin (purchase at your local crafts store or fabric shop)TwineFresh herbs (Please see list below for recommended herbs and their effects.)Fresh or dried flower petals, optional (these add a lovely scent to the bath)
Chamomille - Excellent relaxing bed-time bath.Comfrey - Exhilirating bath for when you want to feel wide- awake.Black Tea - Great for skin irritations, especially burnt skin.Mint - Another excellent bed-time bath that will calm and relax you.Lavender - Soothing, relaxing and smells absolutely wonderful.
This recipe is very simple, but one you'll use over and over again. Cut muslin into squares about 6x6 inches. Add a large handful of herbs, or herbs and dried flowers, in the middle of square of fabric. Gather up edges of fabric and twist – tie very securely with a long length of twine, leaving two long pieces of twine.
Using the twine, tie the muslin bag of herbs directly under your bath's faucet. The herbs will actually steep as the warm water of your faucet hits it. If you prefer you can use these packets and add them directly to the bath water right away, allowing it to `steep' for some time before you slide into the bathtub. In either case, set the water a little warmer than you usually like it, for you should allow about ten-fifteen minutes of steeping time before you enter the tub, to get the full effects of the steeped herbs.
For a special effect, turn off the bathroom lights, light some beautiful candles and put on your favorite relaxing CD. These herbal packets can turn a regular bath into something truly extraordinary!
Herbal Bath Salts
2 cups sea salt 2 cups baking soda1 cup oatmeal ( finely ground)2 tsp. of your favorite dried finely ground herb mix
Place all together in your food processor and mix it up. Use a few tablespoons in warm running bath water and relax and enjoy.

Herbal Relaxation Bath
1/2 cup fresh or 1/4 cup dried lemon balm1/2 cup fresh or 1/4 cup dried German chamomile blossoms2 cups boiling water
Add the herbs to the boiling water. Cover and infuse for 20 minutes. Strain and add to your bathwater.
Lavender Milk Bath

1 c. powdered milk 2-3 drops lavender essential oil
Mix together and add to bath.

Lilac Bubble Bath Recipe
1 quart (4 cups) distilled water 1 (4oz) bar castille soap (grated or flaked), you can also use 1 cup unscented shampoo as an alternative to the castille soap. 3 ounces liquid glycerin 5 drops lilac fragrant oil
Mix all ingredients together. Store in a container. Pour in running water.

Milk Bath
2 cups non-fat powdered milk1 cup cornstarchFO or EO (fragrance oil or essential oil, a few drops until it's the right scent for you)
Mix well, add 1/2 cup to hot bath and oooh la la!

Milk and Honey bath
Cleopatra's favorite bath - and no wonder! The creaminess of the milk, and the sweet scent and skin-softening effects of the honey make this bath heavenly. You'll never want to leave the tub!
1/3 cup honey1/3 cup whole milk or cream
Add to hot running water in the bathtub. That's it!

Natural Beauty Grain Bath
One pound barley One pound branOne pound oatmealOne pound brown riceOne-half pound bay leaves One-half pound dried lavender flowers
Boil all of these ingredients in four quarts of rainwater for sixty minutes, then strain the mixture. Use 2 quarts of the liquid for each tub of bathwater. An extra rinse after this herbal bath is unnecessary and would deprive you of some of its benefits. Follow it with a vigorous towel drying.

Oatmeal Milk Bath
4 parts epsom salts 2 part Sea salt 1 part non fat powdered milk 1 part oatmeal ground to a very fine powder in a food processora few drops of sandlewood and patchouli oils to scent blend it all together, add about 1/3 cup to a tub of nice warm water

Ocean Bath Salts
1 cup epsom salt 1 cup baking soda 4 drops blue food coloring 3 drops Jasmine fragrant or essential oil 4 drops vanilla 2 tablespoons glycerin
Combine dry ingredients, mix well. Add color and scents one at a time. Keep stirring until mixed well. Break up any clumps. Keep mixing until you have a semi fine powder. Add glycerin & mix well.

Peachy Creme Bath
3 eggs 1/2 cup Yogurt 1/4 cup + 1 ts witch hazel 1/4 cup almond or olive oil 1 3/4 cup whole milk or cream 1 cup Peach or apricot juice
Add all ingredients (except the 3/4 cup milk or cream) and blend on low speed until well combined. Add the 3/4 cup milk or cream and stir in gently.
Keep in your refrigerator. Shake before use and add about 1/2 cup to your warm bath for a lovely treat.
Makes enough for 6 baths. Use within 2 weeks of preparing.

Raspberry Vanilla Bubble Bath
8 oz. unscented liquid soap 2 oz. distilled water 8 drops vanilla fragrance oil6 drops raspberry fragrance oil 2 drops red food coloring
Mix all and pour into a container. Pour a few tablespoons into running bath water for a wonderful bath.

Roman Bath Oil
1 cup of any fine quality natural oil (the Romans were said to use sesame or olive oil)1 cup of mild baby shampoo or castile liquid soap1/2 tsp. of your favorite fragrance oil
Here is a great recipe for a very elegant and luxurious bath oil good for dry skin. Find a clean bottle in which to put the ingredients. Shake vigorously each time before using. Add a couple of tablespoons to a nice warm bath. The shampoo helps break the oil into millions of droplets of oil that cling to the skin and does wonders for dry skin.

Simple Honey Bath
Add 1/4 cup honey to bath water for a fragrant, silky bath mixture that will really help soften skin.
Sore Muscles Bath Soak
1/2 cup baking soda1/2 cup dry milk1 cup epsom salt1 cup sea salt
Mix all ingredients together in a large ziploc bag

Sugar and Spice Bath
1/2 C baking soda2 TBSP sugar1 tsp ground cinnamon1/2 tsp ground ginger1/4 tsp ground cloves
Mix together all ingredients until well blended. To use: Add 2 TBSP of the abth mix to a warm tub of water. Store in clean dry container.

Surefire Bath Bombs Recipe
1 cup baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid (buy this at your pharmacy or grocery store)1/2 cup cornstarch
Sieve dry ingredients until you get a nice smooth blend.
Wet ingredients: 2 1/2 Tbsp. Vegetable oil 3/4 Tbsp. water 2 tsp. Fragrance oil or essential oil of your choicefood coloring, just a few drops 1/4 tsp Borax
Combine wet ingredients and borax in a jar, cover tightly and shake vigorously. Drizze onto drive ingredients and blend thoroughly. Pack tightly into molds and slide out. Dry overnight.

Vanilla Foam Bath Recipe
For vanilla fans, this bath is the ideal way to luxuriate in vanilla- scented bubbles! It's easy to make, and creates mounds of vanilla bubbles that smell good, and thanks to the oil in the mixture, it leaves your skin feeling soft.
1/4 cup sweet almond or sunflower oil1 c. liquid soap or unscented shampoo1 tablespoon vanilla extract1/4 cup dried milk powder, optional
This is a very simple recipe, making it perfect for any crafter! Use a large plastic container to blend the ingredients together thoroughly. (When you're making big batches of this, it's easy to use an old, empty, cleaned out ice cream container with a lid.) Mix well. Pour the combined mixture into a lidded glass jar. Shake very well before each use. To use, simply pour under running water to create bubbles.

Vanilla Rose Bubble Bath
1/4 cup distilled water2 tablespoons shampoo concentrate { or substitute 1/4 cup unscented shampoo and increase the salt, to 1/2 teaspoon}2 tablespoons rose water1 tablespoon liquid glycerin1/4 teaspoon table salt10 drops vanilla fragrance oil4 drops rose fragrance oil
Warm the water and pour into a ceramic or glass bowl. Add the shampoo concentrate and stir with a wire whisk until well blended. Add the rose water, liquid glycerin, salt, and fragrance oils and stir until well mixed. Bottle. Liquid glycerin can be purchased at a drugstore in the first-aid section.... Most of the ingredients in the above recipes can be purchased in either health food stores or major craft stores or herbal shops.

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